Robotics: Superheroes, grades K-3
Anne Rice
Morning Creek: Room 21 (location map)
Wednesday, 3:10 PM - 4:10 PM
04/22/20 - 06/03/20 (7 weeks)


This program integrates fun and hands-on Robotics challenges. In this session, each student will receive a superhero LEGO mini-figure to keep and to use in their projects.  Students will learn to build Superhero Robots using LEGO Education Equipment.  They will learn basic coding in a superheroes theme, based upon each student's ability. Robots will be programmed by students and will even use sensors. While working with a partner, students will be encouraged to think of solutions instead of just finding them. Students can be creative, while at the same time perform tasks that draw upon the knowledge of math and science principles that they have learned in school. The instructor will take time to explain how the motors and sensors work on their robots thus engaging them in a whole STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)- based curriculum. Each new session of Robotics is different than the previous one.  Class size is limited to 12.

Upcoming Meetings
04/22/20    3:10 PM Wednesday 04/22/20 3:10 PM
04/29/20    3:10 PM Wednesday 04/29/20 3:10 PM
05/06/20    3:10 PM Wednesday 05/06/20 3:10 PM
05/13/20    3:10 PM Wednesday 05/13/20 3:10 PM
05/20/20    3:10 PM Wednesday 05/20/20 3:10 PM
05/27/20    3:10 PM Wednesday 05/27/20 3:10 PM
06/03/20    3:10 PM Wednesday 06/03/20 3:10 PM