Chess, grades K-5
Eric Hoffland
Painted Rock: Room 31 (location map)
Wednesday, 3:20 PM - 4:05 PM
11/06/19 - 01/08/20 (6 weeks)

Students learn strategies that have kept chess a popular game for hundreds of years. Half of the class time is devoted to formal instruction. During the second half there will be supervised play for hands-on experience. Children are rewarded for class participation with prizes. Positive reinforcement stimulates excitement and fun in the learning process. The course covers the moves of all pieces including castling and capturing in passing; relative strengths of the pieces; the chessboard and vocabulary; general principles and opening play; checkmate and stalemate; illegal moves; practice and critique of typical beginning errors. Instruction is provided by professional chess instructors. Boards and sets are provided for use in class. New and returning students are welcome. Students will be divided by age and ability levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.