Amazing Science: LEGO, grades K-3
Gina Brown
Cardiff: Room 19 (location map)
Monday, 2:40 PM - 3:40 PM
04/15/19 - 05/20/19 (6 weeks)

Explore the world of Science with LEGO! Children will work with the LEGO WeDo computer program, learning basic coding skills while building and operating several LEGO motorized creations through a computer program each class. Children will also build LEGO simple machines and work with a Makey Makey/Scratch basic coding program on the computer while making a craft xylophone that can actually be played through the computer! Children will become STEM/Engineering scientists as they learn all about STEM, engineering, coding, robotics, motion, energy, sound, circuits, and simple machines as they create all of their inventions. Students will take home their own LEGO creation, the craft xylophone, along with a LEGO simple machine of their own. So join us while we explore the world of LEGO creation magic!